Definition of Disc Jockey(DJ)

"Disc Jockeys", also known as DJs, who select music for the audience, It manages the music flow by switching between tracks and gives the names of the songs. the person introducing.

Qualifications of DJs

  • Combining old and new music trends and keeping the crowd alive for a long time
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • To be informed about the developments in music and entertainment life
  • Continually improving Disc Jockey skills
  • Knowledge of musical trends and technology

What is Mix?

After the songs are synchronized to each other at an equal tempo, the technique of switching over the mixer by establishing the right frequency and right rhythm balance is called mixing.

Preparing a Playlist

One of the most important needs of DJs is to prepare a playlist. Each DJ can set his own line with a playlist of his favorite tracks. DJs prepare their playlists according to their musical style (genre). Playlists are prepared according to the atmosphere of the place.

How to Become a Disc Jockey

  • Get technical training
  • Learning DJ software (Rekordbox, Serato, Traktor, Engine Prime, Virtual DJ) and practicing as much as possible
  • Sharing your mixes with your listeners
  • To follow the music agenda, to experience different music styles
  • Being in front of the stage without going backstage. Following events and parties. Good DJing goes through good community analysis
  • Networking and communication skills